Ontology - EDR

Sun, 16 Jun 96 21:11:11 PDT

The attached note from Takano Ogino is very good news. She is merging
EDR'S top nodes with WordNet.

This is a significant step forward. Many, many thanks to Takano Ogino
and Hiroshi Suematsu.

Bob Spillers

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Date: Fri, 14 Jun 96 17:33:32 +0900
From: Takano ogino <ogino@edr.co.jp>

Dear Dr. Bob Spillers,

I thank you for your kindness, when we went to your office for attending at
the ANSI ad hoc meeting.
Now, I am working to merge the EDR top-nodes (about 100 nodes) with
the WordNet nodes. Perhaps it will take one or two more weeks. When I finish
the work, I will send the data by E-mail. If possible, I want to send this
data the end of June, or the beginning of July.
On the other hand , I will send the EDR top-nodes to Dr. Hovy.
I have heard from Monique that Dr.Hovy intends to merge the EDR top-nodes
and Pangloss.
I am sorry but I can't attend the next ANSI ad hoc meeting.
So I will send these information by E-mail.
Sincerely yours,
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Date: Thu, 13 Jun 96 11:30:38 PDT
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To: suematsu@edr.co.jp
cc: spillers@VNET.IBM.COM
Subject: Ontology

Dear Hiroshi Suematsu,
At the ANSI ad hoc meeting there was some discussion of the possibility
of aligning 25K to 50K of EDR's terms with WordNet's corresponding
terms so that they could be used by the same ontology. I wondered if
there is any more information you could share with us about this
subject. It seems likely that an ontology will be created from CYC,
Pangloss and WordNet by the end of July. If it is possible, we are
very interested in including EDR's terms in the ontology.

Thank you for your consideration.

Bob Spillers