August meeting of ANSI ad hoc group on ontology

Mon, 10 Jun 96 13:27:12 PDT

I anticipate that the first instance of an " upper level ontology"
will be available by the end of July. It will be an alignment
of the upper levels of CYCorp's ontology CYC and Information Sciences
Institute of the University of Southern California's ontology Pangloss.
The result will be a single merged ontology with links to both sources.
It will also incorporate Princeton University's WordNet and will be
available on the web at Stanford University's Knowledge Systems

I believe this ontology will useful for general purpose applications
such as information retrieval.

After you have had an opportunity to review the merged ontology, I
think it would be useful to have another meeting of the ANSI ad hoc
group. There is a conference in Australia that I know some of you are
attending. Meeting the week before would allow those people to make a
single trip and also give some time for people from the east coast to
break up their trip. I suggest meeting in California (Santa Teresa or
Stanford) on either Tue and Wed (8/13, 8/14) or Wed and Thur (8/14, 8/15)

Comments / suggestions??

Bob Spillers