How to build ontologies

Mike Uschold <>
From: Mike Uschold <>
Date: Tue, 18 Jun 96 14:21:11 BST
Message-id: <>
Subject: How to build ontologies
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I'm collecting all/every reference/paper I can find about the topic of
how to build ontologies properly.  What I am aware of so far is (in no
particual order):

. Gruber's suggested guidelines for designing ontologies.
. Gomez-Perez's papers on how to evaluate ontologies 
. Skuce's paper on how to reach agreement on shared ontologies;
. Gruninger's method for building the TOVE ontology
. Uschold and King's method used for building the Enterprise Ontology

There are no doubt other papers around that address one or more aspects
of this issue.  If you know of any, please send them with URL's or ftp
information where possible to me (or the whole list, if you like).  I
will then compile them and send in a group.

Mike Uschold