consensus knowledge acquisition
Date: Tue, 3 Dec 91 10:34:46 PST
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Subject: consensus knowledge acquisition
Here are a few other representative references, in addition to Andy's work,
on consensus knowledge acquisition:

Boose, J.H. (1986). Rapid acquisition and combination of knowledge from
experts in the same domain. Future Computing Systems Journal, 1, 191-216.

Schuler, D., Russo, P., Boose, J., & Bradshaw, J. (1990). Using personal
techniques for collaborative evaluation. International Journal of
Man-Machine Studies,
33, 521-536.

Shaw, M. L. G. & Gaines, B. R. (1989). Comparing conceptual structures:
consensus, conflict,
correspondence and contrast, Knowledge Acquisition, 1(4), 341-364.

--Jeff Bradshaw