Consensus knowledge acquisition (Randall Davis)
From: (Randall Davis)
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 91 14:50:39 est
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In-reply-to: Tom Gruber's message of Mon, 2 Dec 91  00:39:10 PST <2900651950-212935@KSL-Mac-69>
Subject: Consensus knowledge acquisition

Following up on the interest in getting consensus in a knowledge base:

Andy Trice, currently on the faculty at Univ. of British Columbia, did a PhD
thesis with me in 1990 on precisely that topic.  One report on the work can be
found in:

	Trice, A, and Davis, R, "Consensus Knowledge Acquisition," {\em Proc
6th Banff Knowledge Acquisition for Knowledge-Based Systems Workshop},
pp.33.1-33.20.  (Available through SRDG Publications, Dept. of Computer
Science, University of Calgary, Calgary, Alberta, Canada, T2N 1N4)