Re: do you know of (Michael R. Genesereth)
Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 18:47:55 -0700
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To: (Fritz Lehmann)
From: (Michael R. Genesereth)
Subject: Re:  do you know of
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I am indeed sorry that I have not been more responsive to your many notes. 
Partly I have been putting my energy into producing a revised spec as
starting point for our discussions (at the behest of the kif ad hoc group
of x3t2).  Partly, I have been trying to answer private concerns raised by
members of the original arpa committee, in order to smooth the transition
from that committee to x3t2.  On this delay, I beg your indulgence.  I
promise to bring this phase of our work to completion forthwith.

To see a copy of the current draft, see
 It does not yet include the frames and strings stuff I have been working
on, but I hope to have those in there soon.

Please remember that, as per our email discussion, this version of kif does
NOT include second order semantics.  Nor are we permitted to do that yet. 
The ad hoc group for the 4th time voted against higher order semantics at
this time.   However, it did agree to convene a committee to study the
possibility of compatible extensions, as I mentioned to you.  I hope you
will involve yourself in this effort.  (Note that the draft X3t2 version
does not even include weak second order things like kappa and lambda. 
However, these have been moved to ``preferred ontologies''; so there
previously encoded knowledge bases should still be acceptable with only
very minor changes.)

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