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Date: Tue, 6 Jun 1995 18:47:44 -0700
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To:, (John Thompson)
From: (Michael R. Genesereth)
Subject: Re:  do you know of
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At 04:19 PM 6/6/95 -0700, John Thompson wrote:
>Why do we STILL not have a user-friendly KIF tutorial document (or at
>least a first draft) several years after the formal spec first
>appeared?  Or if we do, please point us to it.  KIF will not gain much
>popularity or support in the real world until a good tutorial appears.


That is a very good idea.   My fault that we do not have such a document
yet.  On the positive side, we are planning to bring out such a document
late in the summer.  I personally have been waiting till we got the
standardization effort uderway before commiting the reosurces, as I did not
want to do the work and then find that the language needed to be changed in
some fundamental way that would render the work useless.  I am very much
encouraged by recent progress; hence the commitment to produce the

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