KIF AHG Formation: A Correction

"Vishal I. Sikka" <vishal@CS.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Tue, 14 Feb 95 16:10:55 PST
From: "Vishal I. Sikka" <vishal@CS.Stanford.EDU>
Cc: genesereth@CS.Stanford.EDU, vishal@CS.Stanford.EDU
Subject: KIF AHG Formation: A Correction
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This is in addition to the announcement yesterday regarding the creation
of an ANSI Ad Hoc Group for KIF.

As was mentioned in the message yesterday, the first meeting of the
KIF AHG will be held during the X3T2 meeting next week in Palo Alto,
CA. Please note, however, that even though the X3T2 meeting will last
the entire week, the KIF AHG meeting will only be held on thursday,
the 23rd. The remaining days will be devoted to other items on the
X3T2 agenda. Thus spending only a day on this will suffice.

Also, if you do plan to attend, please send us a note (either to me or
to Sheri Mason,, so we know of your attendance.


Vishal Sikka.

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