Announcement: Creation of ANSI KIF Ad Hoc Group

"Vishal I. Sikka" <vishal@CS.Stanford.EDU>
Date: Mon, 13 Feb 95 17:34:16 PST
From: "Vishal I. Sikka" <vishal@CS.Stanford.EDU>
Cc: vishal@CS.Stanford.EDU, genesereth@CS.Stanford.EDU
Subject: Announcement: Creation of ANSI KIF Ad Hoc Group
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This announcement is of interest to KIF users everywhere.

ANSI has recently approved a project to produce a draft American
National Standard for KIF and has assigned this project to X3T2, the
ANSI committee on data interchange. This committee is in the process
of establishing a KIF Ad Hoc Group (AHG). Using the current version of
KIF (i.e. KIF version 3.0, available via ftp from,
and on the Web at as the starting point,
this group will be primarily responsible for revisions, and will be
the primary source for discussion about all issues pertaining to the
evolution of KIF as a knowledge interchange standard.

The first meeting of the KIF AHG will be during the X3T2 meeting next
week (Feb. 20-24) in Palo Alto, CA. You are invited to attend this
meeting either as a member of X3T2 or as an observer. I am the
organizer of this meeting, and if you have any questions in this
matter, please contact either myself, or Sheri Mason
( Her phone number is (415)723-0096.

We are also setting up a mailing list for the KIF AHG. Please let us
know if you'd like to be on it; we'll be sending out notifications for
meetings, as well as have discussions on various issues that affect
KIF, and its development.

In subsequent messages this week, we'll send out a preliminary list of
topics to be discussed and some additions that have been proposed so

Please let us know if you have comments or issues that you'd like
addressed, or if you'd like to attend the meeting/be on the mailing


Vishal Sikka.

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