ADL'95 Advances in Digital Libraries

Timothy Finin <>
From: Timothy Finin <>
Date: Mon, 5 Dec 1994 22:06:38 -0500
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Subject: ADL'95 Advances in Digital Libraries
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Some of us will find this conference to be of interest as an important
application area for knowledge-sharing and agent-based technologies.

ADL'95 -- A Forum on Research and Technology Advances in Digital
Libraries, Monday-Friday, May 15-19, 1995, McClean, VA

This forum is intended to bring together researchers from
universities, industry and government to discuss evolving research
issues and applications in digital libraries. Invited speakers will
share their experiences in building and using prototype systems,
present their vision for the future, and address applied and
theoretical research related to such areas as: capturing, and
organizing of data, management of heterogeneous databases and
knowledge bases, and effective use of multimedia databases and
knowledge bases available on various national and international

Sponsored by NASA-GSFC and help in cooperation with ARPA, NSF, IEEE
Computer Society (pending approval), ACM (pending approval), NIST-CAIT
Purdue University, Rutgers-CIMIC and UMBC and with coporate support
from ATT and Bellcore

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