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Date: Mon, 28 Nov 1994 15:59:32 -0600
To: Don Dwiggins <>
From: (Pat Hayes)
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At  9:28 AM 11/28/94 -0800, wrote:
>Pat Hayes writes:
>> BUt how can they not be? If someone can be more or less angry, and more or
>> less afraid, etc., then there is a linear vector space being defined right
>> there. Maybe only a subset of it is biologically possible, and maybe
>> behavior is best predicted by some complicated kind of surface or subspace
>> in this vector space, but what other kind of description COULD be given of
>> emotional state, if we decide to set out by listing the emotions? What
>> other ways to proceed are there?
>You might start with the psychological literature, to see if there are any
>generally accepted models of emotional states or complexes.  One that occurs
>to me is Kubler-Ross' model of the progression of emotions following a
>severe loss (something like denial-> anger-> depression-> bargaining->
>acceptance, if my memory serves).

I think we are at cross purposes. My point was essentially a logical one.
If we can list emotions - eg anger, depression, etc (is acceptance an
emotion?) -  and say that people can be more or less in them, then we have
a vector space. Add time and its a more complicated vector space and no
doubt there are preferred manifolds in it and so forth, but Fritz
originally objected to the very idea of a vector space as being a suitable
framework. I have some sympathy with this intuition, but can't see what
kind of model would not be naturally describable as a vector space.

Still, looking at the literature would probably be a good start, I have to

>> <You know, email needs a new punctuation mark. I need to be able to
>> distinguish a rhetorical question from a sincere, genuine question. That
>> was a genuine question, not a rhetorical denial.>
>How about ";?"  The semicolon is used in smileys as a wink.

NIce idea. I wonder how we can get people to use it ;?


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