Re: not including theories

Tom Gruber <Gruber@KSL.Stanford.Edu>
Full-Name: Tom Gruber
Message-id: <2941979188-13005043@KSL-Mac-69>
Date: Wed, 24 Mar 93  08:26:28 PST
From: Tom Gruber <Gruber@KSL.Stanford.Edu>
To: Gertjan van Heijst <>,
Subject: Re: not including theories
In-reply-to: Msg of Wed, 24 Mar 1993 17:20:23 +0100 from Gertjan van Heijst <>
You've brought up a good point about the theory inclusion.  I'm in the
middle of reviewing the latest release (which probably means rewriting
some of it).  So, when I get to the code about the theory inclusion,
which was changed in this release to make it more friendly on missing
theories, I'll see what it would take to accomodate the need you
pointed out.

Notice that even in the current release, there is a hook to anticipate
this kind of problem.  We went to some trouble to use the Common Lisp
condition system (which wasn't completely supported in all the Lisps)
to allow users to modify the behavior of the program under various
exceptions.  There is a condition called THEORY-NOT-FOUND (defined in
theories.lisp).  To handle this condition, one need only write a
condition handler :-) that essentially catches the error before the
kernal ontolingua code gets its hands on it, and does the Right Thing.