Ontology editor - non-user survey

James Rice <rice@smi.stanford.edu>
Date: Thu, 9 Feb 1995 16:38:50 PST
From: James Rice <rice@smi.stanford.edu>
To: ontolingua@HPP.Stanford.EDU, srkb@cs.umbc.edu
Subject: Ontology editor - non-user survey
Message-id: <CMM.0.88.792376730.rice@hpp.Stanford.EDU>
You may have noticed a few days ago an announcement of the
availability of an ontology editor network service here
at Stanford University's KSL.

We have gained a number of new users from the readers of this
mailing list.  What we'd really like to know now is why those of
you who didn't even take a look didn't.  So, I'd like to ask
any of you who have not got around to having a look at our
offering and who can spare just a few seconds to answer the
following question:


Why didn't you take a look at the Stanford KSL network Services/
Ontology Editor?

  a) I'm way too busy to look at every URL that gets mailed to me.
  b) You guys at Stanford are complete losers.  I'll never look at
     anything you do.
  c) Your advertising is terrible.  If the advertising is that bad, the
     real thing must be pretty lame.
  d) The advertising was OK, but you couldn't possibly be delivering
     what you claimed, so why bother?
  e) I couldn't see that it had any relevance to what I do.  (Why am I on
     this mailing list, anyway?)
  f) I was planning to take a look, but didn't get around to it.
  g) I know you guys at Stanford walk on water, and I didn't dare
     use software that must obviously be so incredibly clever that
     I'd never grok it.
  h) What's my percentage in this?  It doesn't look like it's going
     to get my grant proposal written, or my mortgage payed.
  i) I deleted the message so fast that I lost the URL.
  j) I never subscribe to network services like this on principle.
  k) I was on holiday.
  l) I don't believe in using a network service.  I always want to
     run the code _here_, however hard it may be to install.
  m) What you're offering is probably written in Lisp (said with a sneer),
     it's bound to be too slow and/or featureless.
  n) I tried to connect but couldn't get in and was so fed up that I couldn't
     be bothered to send a bug report.
  o) I tried to connect and got as far as the first page, but then I
     discovered that my favorite browser is not featureful enough and
     I haven't got the time/inclination to get a new browser.
  p) I hate to give any sort of information like user-name or email
     address out.
  q) Other ____________________


Many thanks to all of you who take the time to reply, and apologies
if you think this is just another piece of junk mail.  If you answer
the above question with i), then the URL is http://www-ksl-svc:5915/
but that doesn't let you off the hook of sending an answer to the
above question.