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Luc YRIARTE <> writes:
>>                   Hello,
>>      It seems that Ontolingua doesn't want to run on our common lisp 
>>wich is quite old. Last time it was for printing, and your patches worked all

>>right, now it's for clos instance making. I couldn't figure out what was 
>>Is there any way we can make ontolingua run on top of that lisp, or on any 
>>domain lisp, or do we definitely have to buy one ?

There is an easy fix for this for you, I believe.
All you need to do is edit the defsystem file to remove the

;;; Ontolingua users will, by default, get GFP
(eval-when (compile eval load)
  (pushnew :GFP *features*))

This will switch off GFP, which you probably don't want
anyway, and which uses CLOS in a much more complex way
than Ontolingua.