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Subject: Re: Slides for Pradeep regarding MADEFAST (msg 1/3) 
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Dear Larry,

I made my comments and denoted them by ****.
In another message I will send you the proposed changed flowchart, that 
you sent.
WE WANT TO PLAY an ACTIVE Role in this game!!!
Please let me know what you and other think and how to proceed from here.
Very best,
Ruzena Bajcsy and Vijay Kumar(GRASP lab.).
------------------------ text of 3 bullet charts follow ----------------

        these plans are based on a local working group meeting that
        included: Glenn Kramer (EIT), Tom Gruber (KSL), Richard Fikes (KSL),
        Larry Leifer (CDR), Mark Cutkosky (CDR), George Toye (CDR), and
        Charles Petrie (CDR). 

**** The UPENN group and possibly CMU wish to propose for our consideration 
another TASK such as design,and making of a mobile computer 
with the aim of testing all the bellow subtasks on electromechanical

        paradigm for collaborative R&D integrating ARPA-MADE 
        community members holding  related but different foci 
        (require funded projects to talk to and depend on eachother) 

        demonstrate the power of a new R&D infrastructure that includes:
                university research 
                industry development 
                government technology programs
                and the enabling internet services

        on-line engineering notebook for project mgt. (WWW)   
        functional IRFPA subsystem prototypes
        white paper: describe what we did and delineate new R&D opportunities  
        MadeFast experiment documentation
**** reverse enginering of components***
        demonstrate technology and reveal technology gaps
        coordinate collaboration amongst diverse specialists
        dual use:  diverse,  distributed,  cost driven,  cycle time dependent.


        IRFPA redesign scenario:
                Assume IRFPA for civilian police or DEA use
                Develop a typical mission profile
                Draft design and mfg.  requirements
                Launch multiple design alternatives responding to mfg. 
                        CNC technology
                        MD*  shape deposition mfg
                        Fiber composites
        Comparatively simulate and model the candidates
        Prototype strong candidates
        Capture Design,
***reverse enigineering of existing designs and/or prototypes***
 Mfg.  and Coordination Knowledge
        Document the MadeFast Experiment
                Technical content
                Project coordination (especially Internet usage)
        Deliver documentation
                CDROM "original" documents and files
                WWW-Mosaic for browsing
                Video to dramatize the story


MADEFAST Player Model:

        MADE-phase-1 Players
                CDR-Share               PACT'92 player
                EIT-Share               PACT'92 player
                KSL-Ontology            PACT'92 player
***             UPENN-reverse engineering****
                Utah-Alpha-1 with CNC output
                MIT-Mechanism Reasoning
                others tbd ...

        MADE-phase-2 Players
                TI - FPA
                Hughes - Integration
                Rockwell - Design Tools
                Utah - PartNet