Re: Notes for MADEFAST Project Flow Diagram (msg 3/3) (Don R. Brown)
Date: Thu, 3 Mar 94 17:57:09 MST
From: (Don R. Brown)
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Subject: Re: Notes for MADEFAST Project Flow Diagram (msg 3/3) 

Thanks to Larry and Rich for getting this rolling. 

1. Since PartNet fits fairly early in the cycle, I thought I should
report what we're doing.

2. Regarding the Target Machine Specification, I think this needs to
be generated real soon. A starting point might be the spec from the
IR seeker. Can anyone show us this?

3. It seems to me that we also need a dynamic systems simulation early
on. For instance, we need to know what torques and inertias are
required in order to spec the motors. Can this be done by the tools of
Fikes or Davis?

PartNet Status:

We got the drawings of the IRFPA seeker from Todd Trapp at TI thanks
to Sam.  The drawings are not complete, but they look sufficient. I am
trying to get an electronic version of the drawings so that I can post
them for reference. I'm afraid a scanned image would be unreadable.

We know that our seeker will be different from the IR version, but we
suspect that the components needed will be in the same "neighborhood."
We have identified the following classes of purchased components in
the TI drawings:

1. sealing compound
2. adhesive
3. lubricant
4. washer
5. socket head cap screw
6. setscrew
7. flat head machine screw
8. pan head machine screw
9. spacer shim
11.precision bearing
12.cable clamp
14.torque motor

the following items are probably only needed for the IR version.
rubber (we think this is an O-ring)
gas line clamp
plain encased seal

* this part is probably needed only for the IR version.

This is just a guess on component types. Please forward further

3. We are hunting down sources for these items.

Reference previous message:

>Catalog Database Query - Given component part selection criteria, queries the
>    PartNet distributed database for available parts to be procured and
>    assembled with MADEFAST manufactured parts.  [PartNet/Utah]

 >                OK,
 >                PUT IN THE PARTS WE USE plus 20 nearest neighbors.
 >                Use this as forcing function to help Don Brown hook
 >                up with real vendor databases.
 >>Catalog Part Model - Geometric description of selected catalog parts at some
 >>    appropriate level of detail, to support further machine visualization and
 >>    analysis.  [PartNet/Utah]
 >                OK, PDES/STEP standards?