MADEFAST NOTES: 2.mar.94 (Larry Leifer)
Full-Name: Larry Leifer
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Date: Wed, 2 Mar 1994 18:37:42 -0800
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        "Glenn A. Kramer" <gak@eit.COM>
From: (Larry Leifer)
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Subject: MADEFAST NOTES:  2.mar.94
Date:   2.mar.94
Time:   1:30pm
Place:  CDR

        George Toye (CDR)
        Larry Leifer (CDR)
        Glenn Kramer (EIT)

        Marty on ARPA needs regarding MADEFAST:
        1.      demonstrate the community COLLABORATING
        2.      dual use a minor theme

        Other views:
        3.      coordinating islands of expertise
        4.      equally important documentation requirements:
                1.      design-development activity
                2.      process-coordination activity
                3.      design of the artifacts themselves 

        Getting information on existing designs:
        1.      Kevin will try
        2.      Sam Drake has prior experience on seeker design

Action for moving forward:

        1.      appoint an RA to do the WWW representation.
        2.      broadcast the MADEFAST slides et al to
                the whole community for commentary.
        3.      develop an operating budget.

        1.      MADEFAST slides sent to Pradeep
        2.      COMMENTS on NOTES accompanying the Process FLOW DIAGRAM