MadeFast planning session agenda issues (Larry Leifer)
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Date: Fri, 18 Feb 1994 11:17:09 -0800
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From: (Larry Leifer)
Subject: MadeFast planning session agenda issues 
Tentative Agenda Issues for next Wednesday's MadeFast planning session:


WHAT:           design & build an alternative IRFPA brassboard "seeker"
WHY:            win FY'95++ funding
                succeed in a Face Value proof of concept challenge
                demonstrate R&D needs for FY'95++ 

WHO:            all MADE-Phase-I PI-teams invited; 
                MADE-Phase-II contractors and consultants invited;
                others as needed or inclined

WHEN:           the clock started ticking on Thursday, March 10th, 1994
                we have a nominal 6 months to:
                        implement a virtual enterprise
                        define design requirements for the challenge
                        design and mfg a prototype
                        document and publish/demonstrate the
                                and the content

SUCCESS:        get players together
                work effectively with cutting edge tools and concepts
                deliver hardware/software FAST and effectively
                identify key R&D issues to carry forward tools & concepts

FAILURE:        MadeFast succeeds but MADE-I people aren't the winners
                MadeFast outcome perceived to be "in-significant"
                MadeFast isn't visible
OTHER ISSUES:   where does MADE fit relative to
                        AGILE MFG
                        MADE Phase II
                BUDGET ?

Can you all make the MadeFast planning session on Wednesday, 23 Feb,
1:00-4:00??  Please let me know and copy to George Toye (Toye@sunrise),


----------------- earlier  msg to NIST on this follows

ACTION ITEM for Kevin:
FYI Pradeep, Pete:
CALENDAR ITEM for all cc:

I am assuming that you may have the source files for the IRFPA Brassboard
Process Modeling viegraphs that were distributed at the DC meeting.  I need
them by next wednesday if at all possible.  Because:

1.      we will hold the first MadeFast'94 working group meeting 
        from 1:00-4:00 on Wednesday, February 23rd, CDR 
        (bldg.560 on the stanford campus) (this is just people 
        within the Stanford area to get started, but includes:  

                Stanford-CDR (confirmed), 
                EITech (confirmed), 
                Rockwell (tbd), 
                Stanford-KSL (tbd), 
                Lockheed-AI-Bouchard (tbd)

2.      it would be very helpful to have the viewgraph file(s),
        (at least full scale viewgraphs) to help everyone get a 
        deeper feeling for the IRPFA design challenge.  i can
        handle binhexed files (expecially from PowerPoint or
        Framemaker 3.0 (4.0 also feasible), or Microsoft Word 5.1
        (RTF also works for MSWord).  if we cann't ship the stuff
        over internet (please onsider sending a diskette (or 5)
        by overnight express.

        beyond ViewGraphs, we are eager to get all possible,
        unclassified information regarding vendors, geometry
        (e.g. 2 or 3D CAD), design-process (design alla CACE/PM),
        mfg-process (SL and CNC process models), ...

3.      we will post our design process activity on the CDR-Share WWW.
        this will include meeting notes as we begin to put our
        knowledge capture tools and behavior in place, and
        appropriate product/process model information ...

4.      can we assume access to the IDA consultants: Joe Lewis,
        Azad Madni, Mike Marean ?

5.      can we assume immediate access to CACE/PM, either to run
        locally or perhaps preferrably to run remotely through
        Perceptronics with an "intelligent agent" there to eliminate
        any learning delay.

6.      there are many more questions, but we'll try to keep from
        overdosing, any and all assistance/help/guidance will be