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Date: Wed, 30 Mar 1994 11:03:18 PST
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Subject: RE: what is the current status of this ??? Re: MADEFAST $ 
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        it should be after the next round of electronic planning        
        and negotiation, this should be about April 10th, my preference
        would be for:
                1. an airport if it is just people/planning issues;
                2. one of the mfg sites if we can make it design issues.  

As discussed in recent meetings, described in MADEFAST
web pages, these are two different groups and both should happen.  It
is probably more important that the design group choose a site and
meet soon to nail down some of the specifics.

        3.      commercial software is preferred to custom applications,
                because people really use it; it is robust and largely
                error free; it is MUCH more likely to be multi-platform;
                and, after all, most design is dealing with relatively
                "mundane" activities, not exotic super-computer FEM

        4.      we now use:
                FrameMaker for formal documentation
                Eudora for email documentation
                Excel for spread sheet level analysis
                PowerPoint for presentation level representation
It would be good to find out everyone's software. Notice that we
pretty much don't care what emailer every uses because that format
is standardized. We do need to determine document interchange formats.
We all should be able to do PostScript and we canvert RTF to
PostScript with utilities.

We also use Mosaic. The WWWeb is another nice standard.

I am concerned that we are not using the web. I have received no
comments or corrections on the pages that now exist.  It is clear that
it is not being used - perhaps that is an early result.

We are also not useing the "madefast@sunrise" mailing list. Your
message above used a long cc list rather than this list, perhaps
deliberately - but in any case, this list isn't being used.

So, no email traffic, and no web usage. Co-located meetings are
happening instead.  It will be interesting to see if introduction of
the more advanced non-commercial collaboration tools, such as X-SHARE
or MBone/SD from EIT, change people's collaboration habits.

                Redux (Petrie) is a candidate truth maintenance environment
                Pro-Kapa is used for two KBE applications,
                ServiceMail and MovieMail are emerging EIT applications
                        that may change the way we use email, but
                        they are a long way from replacing
                        framemaker, excel or powerpoint,
                        STILL, they are the applications of the future
                        for net services and will play an important
                        role in madefast

These additional additional tools don't compete with framemaker, excel
or powerpoint. Use of them will require a change in work habits, and
possibly computer platforms.  We need to come up with ways to 
motivate such change even within the MADE community. That's
a research challenge for folks who study the collaborative process.


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