MADEFAST Developments 3/25/94

petrie@bimini.Stanford.EDU (Charles Petrie)
Date: Mon, 28 Mar 94 11:52:36 PST
From: petrie@bimini.Stanford.EDU (Charles Petrie)
Message-id: <9403281952.AA03908@bimini.Stanford.EDU>
To: madefast@bimini.Stanford.EDU
Subject: MADEFAST Developments 3/25/94

Please visit the MADEFAST WWWeb page to see the new developments.
These include:
 . restructuring of the web page
 . a hypermail archive of the messages (thanks to Tom Gruber)
 . descriptions of meetings on 3/23 and 3/25

The URL is ""
but you can get there from the CDR home page
("") via the SHARE project page.

There is now a basic collaboration mechanism in place consisting of
email, the WWWeb, and FTP.

There is an anonymous FTP facility at "". You can put
figures (preferably GIF or PostScript) as well as text in
and we will move it to the web as desired.  Joe Wagner
( is the primary resource for web, email,
and ftp support.

We will add further collaboration aids ASAP. But please
try the "stock" ones we have in place.  Check out
the MADEFAST web and send corrections and additions
to this list, ""
or to "".