political farce

John McCarthy <jmc@sail.stanford.edu>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 93 18:59:51 -0800
From: John McCarthy <jmc@sail.stanford.edu>
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Subject: political farce
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Worse than that, O Scourge of the Skateboarders, the very committee
that produced KIF will write and approve the final report.  If the
KIF committee were reporting to some agency outside of itself,
then that outside agency might want reviewers independent of the
committee.  That not being the case, the committee will prepare
its its report, assured that if there is anything wrong with it,
only the committee is to blame.

In short, the procedure is normal.

I volunteer to be on the logic committee provided I don't have
to pass even the easiest exam on the arguments between Pat hayes
and John Sowa.