political farce

Matthew L. Ginsberg <ginsberg@cs.uoregon.edu>
Date: Mon, 20 Dec 93 13:09:13 PST
From: Matthew L. Ginsberg <ginsberg@cs.uoregon.edu>
Message-id: <9312202109.AA02727@t.uoregon.edu>
To: interlingua@ISI.EDU
Subject: political farce

My previous message seems to have been misinterpreted somewhat.

What I was trying to say was that there is an established principle in
academics that reviews are performed by anonymous and disinterested
parties.  There is simply no reason for the KIF folks to be above
that principle, but to form a subcommittee that includes some outside
members violates both anonymity and independence.

I was not trying to say that the individual members of the KIF committee
are without academic credibility; they are, by and large, quite an
impressive group.  But the rules of the academic game involve external
and anonymous review.

						Matt Ginsberg