Re: KIF use for heterogeneous DBs
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Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1993 11:18:08 +0000
To: (Jeffrey Van Baalen)
Subject: Re: KIF use for heterogeneous DBs
Cc: interlingua@ISI.EDU
>Recently I have become interested in applying my work to translation
>between databases and have been shocked by the fact that database
>people don't try to represent the semantics of their databases. 

Yes, its shocking, isnt it? Try discussing it with them, and they often
wont even know what you are talking about. Some of them will argue that
there couldnt be a semantics (because the world might not be there) or that
in order for there to be one, we would have to solve all the problems of
metaphysics and science (because they think that 'mapping' means computable

Good luck.

Pat Hayes

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