Re: heterogeneous DBs (James A. Fulton)
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Date: Mon, 13 Sep 1993 08:15:07 -800
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Subject: Re:  heterogeneous DBs
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>So KIF and CGs will become a standard for commercial database and
>CASE tools, but not for AI.  The whole AI field will dry up and
>blow away in purity and innocence without any standards at all.
>John Sowa
Seems like I saw something like this on public television in a series called 
"Carnivores".  The thesis was that species who specialized on a particular 
prey too much lived well as long as their prey was abundant, e.g., as long 
as the government provided good contracts, but when other factors depleted 
their prey, they fell by the evolutionary wayside.  Generalists on the other 
hand, predators that preyed on a wide variety of animals and even plants, 
were never able to compete well for a particular prey with the specialists, 
but they were better able to adapt to changing environments.  Is AI the 
sabertooth of computing carnivores, where DB is the bear?

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