Re: Interlingua Reference Manual

Richard Fikes <>
Full-Name: Richard Fikes
Sender: Richard Fikes <>
Date: Sat, 4 Jan 1992 19:39:31 PST
From: Richard Fikes <>
To: Vijay Saraswat <>
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Subject: Re: Interlingua Reference Manual
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 >Has the design effort reached a local fixed-point now?  If so,
 >will someone responsible for the design please summarize its
 >current state briefly, and point us to the latest version of the
 >language definition/design document?


The latest version of the interlingua reference manual is always
available via ftp from as the file
interlingua.tex.  Sunburn will accept a login as "anonymous" with any
password.  The currently available version of the manual is for
version 2.2 of the language.

We are in the final stages of producing a reference manual for a new
version of the language which incorporates many of the ideas and
suggestions from the e-mail discussions and working group meetings.
We expect to be making drafts of that document available for comment
to active participants in the interlingua effort before the end of