Re: definitions and analytic truth

Vijay Saraswat <>
From: Vijay Saraswat <>
In-Reply-To: Robert MacGregor's message of Fri, 3 Jan 1992 08:35:30 -0800
Subject: Re: definitions and analytic truth 
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Date: 	Fri, 3 Jan 1992 08:52:07 PST
I have seen various versions of a KIF definition. In the past,
the scope of the design has seemed rather ambitious to me, as
measured by the goal that it is intended to serve. But I have
withheld comment since the design seemed not to have jelled
completely, and I wanted to have an understanding of some
complete version of the design before commenting.

Has the design effort reached a local fixed-point now?  If so,
will someone responsible for the design please summarize its
current state briefly, and point us to the latest version of the
language definition/design document?

Vijay Saraswat