Top 40

Piek Vossen (
Mon, 11 May 1998 17:13:16 +0100

There are many requests from people for the Top-40. Please, you have to be a
bit more patient. The first lists contained 150 concepts and not 40. This
was a first trial. I promised a new version last week but could not do it
because of other work. I will be working on this list this week and send
around to both lists the updated list. If you cannot wait for that I would
like to refer to the EuroWordNet home-page: where
you can find a list of 1024 concepts. This list was used as a starting point
to derive the Top-150 (which will be further reduced). There you will also
find a Top-Ontology which has been used to classify the 1024 concepts. There
is a deliverable which describes the ontology, the selection of the 1024
concepts etc.. All this gives some background for the selection which I will
provide by the end of this week.

best wishes,

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