Re: Hayes' scrutiny of Top 40

Piek Vossen (
Thu, 7 May 1998 23:00:26 +0200

>I would put the issue Lee has raised on the list of topics to be
>addressed in Heidelberg. I think that we will have to draw some sort
>of distinction between the words used in a natural language and the
>categories used in one of our ontologies.
>I firmly believe that they are strongly related, but I also think
>that we should use a lexicon to provide the mappings between them.
I agree with this. It will be one of the key issues to be discussed. One of
the things which makes wordnets so odd at the higher level, is that the
principle to relate word to their hyperonym no longer works above a
particular level (let's say above the cognitive basic level of
categorization (Rosch 1977)). Beyond that level you need something else to
capture inferences and different types of hyperonyms to create a wordnet
that explains word-substitutions that can be used in Information Retrieval,
Language Generation, etc.