Re: Hayes' scrutiny of Top 40

John F. Sowa (
Thu, 7 May 1998 16:36:51 -0400

I would put the issue Lee has raised on the list of topics to be
addressed in Heidelberg. I think that we will have to draw some sort
of distinction between the words used in a natural language and the
categories used in one of our ontologies.

I firmly believe that they are strongly related, but I also think
that we should use a lexicon to provide the mappings between them.

Re Peirce: Whatever document we produce should be intelligible to
people who have not been exposed to CS Peirce's opera omnia. I think
that we should consider Peirce's work, but state the distinction in
some form that can be understood without the use of Peirce's
particular jargon (but, of course, with references (and apologies,
if need be)) to CSP.

John Sowa