Spring ANSI NCITS/T2 Mtg. Planning

Anthony K. Sarris (asarris@ontek.com)
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 10:12:06 -0800


Dear Members and Observers of NCITS Technical Committee T2, Information
Interchange and Interpretation:

T2 Vice-President and Secretary Murray Freeman offered during the November
1997 meeting to arrange our spring 1998 meeting on the East Coast in the
mid-May timeframe. He has tentatively made the following arrangements:

MEETING DATES: May 13-15, 1998

MEETING LOCATION: Hunts Landing, Pennsylvania -- in the 'tri-state'
PA/NY/NJ area (eastbound Matamoras entrance/exit from I-84)

MAJOR MEETING TOPICS: Review of the organization, structure and projects of
the new ISO/IEC JTC1 SC32 combining database (SQL), CSMF, ontology, data
dictionary/meta data, and data management for EDI; CSMF Final CD Ballot;
(hopefully) review of ballot comments on draft proposed American National
Standards for KIF and CGs [these could then go to ANSI for publication];
ontology planning. This will likely involve a half day for CSMF, KIF and
CGs, a day of general discussion of SC32 and plans for T2 activities, and a
day or day and a half of planning for ontology and/or any other proposed
projects. Allocation of specific topics to dates and times is open at this
point. Also, Bancroft Scott, a member of T2 and an international expert on
ASN.1, has offered to give a presentation on the ASN.1 standard and its
impact on industry. T2 has been responsible for US participation in the
international ASN.1 standardization process. This standard has gained wide
industry acceptance and is now moving into a steady-state maintenance

SPECIAL MEETING PLANS: The proposed venue is approximately one mile from
the National Parks Service's new Charles Peirce home. The house is
currently being restored/renovated, including the incorporation of meeting
facilities. It is scheduled for completion in May. Should meeting rooms be
available, we will try to meet on-site during at least some portion of the
meeting. If the meeting rooms are not ready by that time, we will meet at
the recommended hotel (Best Western Hunts Landing). In any case,
arrangements are being made for a tour of the home during the meeting

Please let Murray and I know if this meeting date and location pose
problems for anyone. If there are significant date conflicts or other
problems, we can attempt to make other arrangements. If we do not hear
otherwise, we will plan for 15-20 attendees at the meeting as proposed

Hope you're all off to a good start for 1998 and we look forward to seeing
you at the spring meeting!

Tony Sarris
Chair, NCITS/T2