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There is nothing else "at the same level as" Thing;
the notion of "level", and of "indentation", is a
very limiting one, and I suggest you think instead
in terms of predicates which are true when applied
to certain combinations of arguments; or, even better,
in terms of a set of true statements some of which
are so simple they are naturally expressed in the
form P(x,y).


The Upper Cyc Ontology (which is what you are
calling "the merged ontology") can be downloaded
directly from our home page ( at the
push of a button. It includes the 31 terms that
were added from SENSUS, and the 200 mappings between
its terms and SENSUS terminology. If you want to
convert all lower-case to upper-case, and if you
want to rename isa to INSTANCEOF, and genls to
SUBCLASSOF, you can of course do that, too.

At 03:51 PM 12/8/97 +0100, Nicola Guarino wrote:
>>> 1. In the ontolingua source, "Individual" is a subclass of "Thing", while
>>> in the generated indented list the two classes appear at the same level.
>>> This seems to be a problem of the indented list generator.
>>Could be. We'll check on that, although a fix will have to wait for a
>>week or so as we will be at a meeting next week.
>Other problems:
>In the ontolingua source:
>Integer subclass-of Rational subclass-of Real
>Number subclass-of Mathematical-Object
>Organization subclass-of Social-Being
>In the generated indented list:
>Integer, Rational and Real are at the same level
>Number is at the same level of Thing
>Organization subclass-of Group
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