Re: looking at the merged ontology

Nicola Guarino (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 15:51:22 +0100

>> 1. In the ontolingua source, "Individual" is a subclass of "Thing", while
>> in the generated indented list the two classes appear at the same level.
>> This seems to be a problem of the indented list generator.
>Could be. We'll check on that, although a fix will have to wait for a
>week or so as we will be at a meeting next week.

Other problems:

In the ontolingua source:

Integer subclass-of Rational subclass-of Real
Number subclass-of Mathematical-Object
Organization subclass-of Social-Being

In the generated indented list:

Integer, Rational and Real are at the same level
Number is at the same level of Thing
Organization subclass-of Group

-- Nicola


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