Multiple ontology messages

Nicola Guarino (
Mon, 8 Dec 1997 16:33:38 +0100

With the next message(s), I am going to (slowly) contribute to the
discussion on top-level ontologies recently raised by some messages by John
Sowa, John McCarthy, Sergei Nirenburg, and others appeared on BOTH the "CG"
and the "Onto-std" mailing lists. FIRST, however, I would like to invite
people to avoid sending ontology-related messages to multiple mailing

As far as I know, there is ONE mailing list for general discussion about
(applied) ontology, i.e. "", plus more restricted
sublists like "ontolingua" devoted to tool-specific aspects and "onto-std"
devoted to ongoing ANSI "ontology standardization" initiative.

I report again a recent message by Adam Farquhar asking to avoid
unnecessary multiple postings:

>In order to join the ontology mailing list, send an email message
> To:
>Subject: <none>
> Body: subscribe ontology <your email address>
>In order to remove yourself from the mailing list, send an email
> To:
>Subject: <none>
> Body: unsubscribe ontology <your email address>
>In order to send a message to the mailing list, simply address the
> To:
>Also, please remember that there is a substantial intersection between
>the onto-std and ontology (and cg) email lists. Try not to post the
>same message to more than one of them.

-- Nicola


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