Re: Ontology Standards developments in Europe

John F. Sowa (
Tue, 15 Jul 1997 02:36:07 -0400


>With the blessing of the Ontology Group I will be happy to join their meeting
>and try to describe our goals and work. (I am also doing so at a meeting in
>Washington at NIST later this month.)

Since our August meeting has been postponed, it will be hard for us to
join hands in a collective blessing, but for my part, Godspeed.

Since we have always been trying to encourage international cooperation,
forming a liaison with the EC efforts would be very appropriate.

The next T2 meeting will probably be held sometime like October, but
a formal meeting place, time, and host have not yet been determined.
Observers from EC group would certainly be welcome (if and when).

And if you do manage to "describe our goals and work" please let us know.