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Nicola Guarino (
Thu, 15 Aug 1996 15:36:22 +0200

>Agenda: The agenda is under construction. Please send suggestions for
>items to Bob Spillers (
>There may be a small registration fee to cover the costs of lunch and other
>Please reply to me before September 1 and let me know if you will attend.

I am planning to attend the meeting. I am willing to contribute on the
following two topics:

1. Top level proposal

I have been discussing with Ed Hovy the possibility to drastically reduce
the "tangleness" of current PANGLOSS proposal by keeping disjoint concepts
corresponding to different points of wiew: e.g. instead of having "animal"
as a specialization of both "conscious being" and "physical object", admit
that there is a physical object co-localized with any instance of "animal",
but different from it. The underlying consideration is that animals and
physical objects have different identity criteria. This position has been
discussed in a paper recently presented at the ECAI workshop on
"ontological engineering", entitled "Stratified ontologies: the case of
physical objects" (available via the WWW page reported below).

2. Better characterization of "what is an ontology".

Cheers [leaving for holidays; coming back on Sept 10]

-- Nicola


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