Re: Pangloss top level ontology

Adam Farquhar (
Mon, 18 Mar 1996 14:42:04 -0800 (PST)

I just wanted to clarify Bob's note. Ed Hovy provided me with a version
of the Pangloss top level ontology, which I translated into Ontolingua
and then loaded onto our ontology server. The current version is not as
pretty as I would like it to be, but improvements are forthcoming. I
hope to find time to link some of the pangloss concepts to the
definitions in the KSL ontology library (e.g., quality is a subclass of
individual-thing). Please let me know about any errors that you notice.

If you login to the ontology server over the web ( ) and create a user account, then I
can add you to the group with access permission.

Since many of you do not yet have accounts, I have gone ahead and created
a user named ontostd with password ontostd. You may view the ontology
from this account until I've added your user id to the onto-std group.



On Mon, 18 Mar 1996, Bob Engelmore wrote:

> Dear group,
> If you would like to inspect the Pangloss top level ontology, send a message to
> Adam Farquhar ( and request that you be added to the group
> that has access to that ontology.
> Bob