ANSI Ad Hoc Group on Ontology Standards

This is the home page for a repository of announcements, papers, working notes, etc. for the ANSI ad hoc group on ontology standards. 


November 1997 Meeting
October 1996 Meeting
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Outside of the X3T2 meetings, the primary means of communication for members of this ad hoc group (and others interested) is via the onto-std and ontology mailing lists. These are both managed by the Majordomo mailing list program. You can subscribe to them by sending an email message to Note that the addresses are different (one is at UMBC, the other at Stanford).

Reference Ontology

The most recent meeting of the Ad Hoc Group on Ontology Standards adopted the upper level ontology resulting from merging content from Cyc, Pangloss, WordNet, and Penman. This draft reference ontology is now available for inspection in several formats, as well as on the web from Cycorp and the KSL Ontolingua Server. It is currently called hpkb-upper-level on the Ontolingua Server. Note also, the Ontolingua Server will be unavailable on 18 November for hardware reconfiguration.

Downloadable Versions of the Draft Merged Upper Level

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