Relation CAN-BE-ONE-OF

Slots on this relation:

An instance i CAN-BE-ONE-OF a set of classes S iff i is an instance of at most one of the classes. Inside the definition of a class, the form (CAN-BE-ONE-OF ?i (setof C1 C2 ...)) is a convention for stating (subclass-partition class (setof C1 C2 ...)). The two forms are equivalent if each class C1, C2, ... is also defined to be a subclass of C.
Arity: 2


(<=> (Can-Be-One-Of ?Instance ?Set-Of-Classes)
     (And (Forall (?Class)
                  (=> (Member ?Class ?Set-Of-Classes) (Class ?Class)))
          (Forall (?Class)
                  (=> (Member ?Class ?Set-Of-Classes)
                      (Instance-Of ?Instance ?Class)
                      (Forall (?Other-Class)
                              (=> (Member ?Other-Class
                                  (Not (= ?Other-Class ?Class))
                                  (Not (Instance-Of ?Instance