Function RECIP

Slots on this function:

(RECIP ?x) is the reciprocal element of element ?x with respect
to multiplication operator. For a number x the reciprocal would be 1/x. Not all quantity objects will have a reciprocal element defined. The number 0 for instance will not have a reciprocal. If a parameter x has a reciprocal y, then the product of x and y will be an identity element of some sort such as '1' for numbers, 3*1/3 = 1. The reciprocal of an element is equivalent to exponentiation of the element to the power -1.


(= (Recip ?X) (Expt ?X -1))

(=> (And (Physical-Quantity ?X) (Recip ?X ?Y))
    (And (Physical-Quantity ?Y)
         (= (Quantity.Dimension ?Y)
            (Expt (Quantity.Dimension ?X) -1))))