Slots on this function:

magnitude-in-system-of-units is like magnitude, but it maps a quantity and a system of units into a numeric value (a dimensionless-quantity). For example, one could ask for the value of 55 miles per hour in the SI system. In SI, the standard-unit for the dimension of miles per hour is meters per second-of-time. So the answer would be about 24 meters per second-of-time.
Arity: 3


(Nth-Domain Magnitude-In-System-Of-Units 3 Dimensionless-Quantity)

(Nth-Domain Magnitude-In-System-Of-Units 2 System-Of-Units)

(Nth-Domain Magnitude-In-System-Of-Units 1 Constant-Quantity)

(=> (Magnitude-In-System-Of-Units ?Q ?System ?Mag)
    (= ?Mag
       (Magnitude ?Q (Standard-Unit ?System (Quantity.Dimension ?Q)))))