Function COMPOSE

Slots on this function:

arbitrary-arity version of COMPOSITION. The left-to-right argument order composes relations outside-in. e.g., (COMPOSE f g h) means (composition h (composition g f)). If the relations are unary functions, then the composition order corresponds to nested function terms. For example, if f,g,h are functions, then (value (COMPOSE f g h) ?arg) is equivalent to (f (g (h ?arg))).
Range: Binary-relation


(=> (= (Compose @Binary-Relations) ?Composed-Relation)
    (Forall (?R)
            (=> (Item ?R (Listof @Binary-Relations))
                (Binary-Relation ?R))))

(Undefined (Arity Compose))

(<=> (= (Compose @Binary-Relations) ?Composed-Relation)
     (Composition-Of ?Composed-Relation (Listof @Binary-Relations)))