Re: Report on ANSI X3H4 meeting

gio@DARPA.MIL (Gio Wiederhold)
Date: Mon, 3 Feb 92 17:24:02 EST
From: gio@DARPA.MIL (Gio Wiederhold)
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To: (Ron Brachman)
Subject: Re: Report on ANSI X3H4 meeting
The objective of the DARPA KR standards effort is to support  
demonstrations and evaluations of standards and their benefit in a  
community which is unlikely to muster the effort internally.  In the  
database area IBM was the leader and other suppliers, critically  
dependent on consumer acceptance of their products, followed. 

A simple standard is desirable, but hooks (syntax) must be provided  
to allow growth into those areas where today no widely accepted  
conventions can be perceived.

The benefits of such a standard were well stated by Peter Karp.

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