JOB POSTING: Software Agents R&D at Boeing (Jeffrey M. Bradshaw)
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Date: Wed, 3 Jul 1996 18:54:17 -0800
From: (Jeffrey M. Bradshaw)
Subject: JOB POSTING: Software Agents R&D at Boeing
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                * Outstanding Applied Researchers needed *

 The Boeing Company, the world's largest aerospace company, is actively
working research projects involving a number of universities and government
organizations, as well as airplane and manufacturing research.  The
Research and Technology organization located in Bellevue, Washington, near
Seattle, has positions open. We are the primary computing research
organization for Boeing. We have contributed heavily to both short term
technology advances and to long range planning and development.


Participate in or lead the design and implementation of complex computing
systems that integrate software agent technology and other technologies (e.g.,
natural language understanding, distributed objects) for such applications as:

1) access, retrieval, filtering, sorting, routing, and navigation of
large-scale distributed information sources (Internet and intranet);
2) digital data delivery (SGML, HTML, graphics, multimedia, 3-D CAD, etc.)
3) decision support systems for planning and scheduling;
4) modeling and simulation of manufacturing and operational environments
and scenarios;
5) distributed systems management.

Identify new applications of agent technology, develop project plans, lead
design and development efforts, and provide guidance and technical
expertise to more junior team members and customers.


Ph.D. or Masters in Computer Science / related discipline (or equivalent
degree plus experience) with specialization in software agent technology.
Experience in on or more of the following highly desirable: object-oriented
software development (C++, Smalltalk, Java), component integration
technology (OpenDoc, OLE, JavaScript), distributed object technology
(CORBA, DCOM), reinforcement learning, data mining, automated planning.
Able to work effectively as a leader or member of high-performance research
and development teams.


If you meet the requirements and you are interested, please send your
resume via electronic email in plain ASCII format to (Jeff Bradshaw)