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Robert Neches <>
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Subject: Re: seed ontologies 
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Date: Wed, 04 Dec 91 10:16:35 PST
From: Robert Neches <>

Several recent messages have made reference to the Sisyphus Project.  I'm not
sure everyone on these mailing lists is familiar with that effort.  It is an
important activity within the knowledge acquisition world, and well worth

Briefly, as I understand it, Sisyphus is an ongoing effort within the
international knowledge acquisition community to define a common set oif
testbed knowledge acquisition problems.  These are being used to enable the
community to build commensurate demonstrations of how their approaches apply to
a common problem, thereby facilitating comparing, contrasting, and evaluating
those approaches.  The title of the project reflects the recognition that this
is a very difficult enterprise, but I was very impressed at the recent Banff
Knowledge Acquisition Workshop with the degree of community commitment to this

Perhaps one of the principals in this effort would like to say more about it.

  -- Bob

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