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Welcome to the agentnews-url mailing list!

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Here's the general information for the list you've
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AgentNews-url is a mailing list for periodic announcements of new
items on the UMBC agents web (<http://www.cs.umbc.edu/agents>).  New
items added to these pages will be collected and a summary prepared
several times a month.  The URL of this summary will me mailed to the
subscribers of this list.  When we are in the mood or have had too
much expresso, we may editorialize or add our own interpretations and
predications on agent-related events.  AgentNews is one way to track
what is happening with agent-based ideas, technologies and
applications as well as related topics such as knowledge sharing,
intelligent information systems, and information retrieval.

A SAMPLE ISSUE will be automatically sent in response to messages sent
to agentnews-sample@cs.umbc.edu.

TO SUBSCRIBE, send mail to majordomo@cs.umbc.edu with the string
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SEND COMMENTS, suggestions and agent-related items and news to

ADDITIONAL INFORMATION, including an archive of past issues, is available
from the Agentnews web page at <http://www.cs.umbc.edu/agentnews/>.


All routine administrative requests (including subscriptions and
unsubscriptions) concerning the Agentnews-Url mailing list are handled by an
automated server.  Here are a few details on how to interact with the
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If you want to reach the (human) list manager, send email to
Agentnews-Url-approval@cs.umbc.edu which will forward the mail to the
current manager (Tim Finin at present).

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