Job Opening

Patricia Riddle <>
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 1996 10:56:30 -0700
From: Patricia Riddle <>
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Subject: Job Opening
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 		* Outstanding Applied Researchers needed *
 The Boeing Company, the world's largest aerospace company, is
 actively working research projects involving NASA, FAA, Air Traffic
 Control, and Global Positioning as well as airplane and manufacturing
 research.  The Research and Technology organization located
 in Bellevue, Washington, near Seattle, has positions open.
 We are the primary computing research organization for Boeing.
 We have contributed heavily to both short term technology advances and
 to long range planning and development.
  - Machine Learning
     BACKGROUND REQUIRED: Data Mining, Knowledge Discovery
     Statistics, Artificial Intelligence or related
     RESEARCH AREAS: We are developing techniques for mining a very diverse
     set of data: Safety Data -- safety incident data, flight data
     recorders; Reliability Data -- maintenance actions, airplane
     maintenance warnings; Manufacturing Data - rejected parts, quality
     assurance data.  These are not areas where most large R&D datamining
     efforts are currently focused.  There are many new innovative research
     directions which are not being addressed elsewhere.  At the same time,
     we can achieve major practical impacts in the short-term both at
     Boeing and in the airline industry as a whole: airplane or factory
     redesign, new pilot regulations or training, which may result in a
     safer more cost effective air travel industry.
   - Knowledge Representation
     BACKGROUND REQUIRED: A strong background in Artificial
     Intelligence plus some specialization in Knowledge 
     Representation and Reasoning, Ontology Development, Knowledge 
     Based Engineering, Knowledge Sharing and Reuse or related
     RESEARCH AREAS: Knowledge Based (KB) design methods are gaining
     acceptance as a way to implement standard design methods used in
     all parts of the design lifecycle.  We are developing methods for
     neutral representation of design rules, methods to capture and
     refine specifications, and are looking for ways to capture and
     manage design assumptions. The design of aircraft is one of the
     most challenging tests of knowledge based methods: an airplane
     consists of millions of parts, design is subject to rigorous
     certification, and more designed tooling is used than for almost
     any other application.
 A PhD in Computer Science or equivalent experience is highly
 desirable for both positions. We strongly encourage diversity 
 in backgrounds including academic and industrial experiences.
 APPLICATION: If you meet the requirements and you are interested, please
 send your resume via electronic email in plain ASCII format to (Pat Riddle). 
 The Boeing Company is an equal opportunity employer.