New literature on ontology and mereology (Nicola Guarino)
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Subject: New literature on ontology and mereology
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Dear colleague,

        I am glad to announce two collections of papers that may be of
interest for people working on ontologies and knowledge modeling:

1. "The Role of Formal Ontology in the Information Technology"

International Journal of Human and Computer Studies 1995, 43(5/6), special
issue edited by Nicola Guarino and Roberto Poli. Contains substantial
revisions of papers presented at the Int. Workshop on Formal Ontology in
Conceptual Analysis and Knowledge Representation, held in Padova, Italy, on
March 17-19, 1993.

2. "Modelling Parts and Wholes"

Data and Knowledge Engineering 1996 (in press), special issue edited by
Nicola Guarino, Simone Pribbenow and Laure Vieu. Contains extended versions
of papers presented at the ECAI-94 workshop on "Parts and Wholes:
Conceptual Part-Whole Relations and Formal Mereology" held in Amsterdam,
August 1994, supplemented by additional papers dealing with relevant topics
not directly addressed in that occasion.

The table of contents of the two issues are accessible via the web site
reported in the signature below, were you may find further info on other
ontology-related papers and activities going on at our lab. If you are
keeping an on-line page related to ontology and knowledge sharing issues,
you may want to include our site among your links.

Best regards

-- Nicola


Nicola Guarino
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