AMTA-96 Conference, Montreal, October 2-5, 1996 (Eduard Hovy)
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From: (Eduard Hovy)
Subject: AMTA-96 Conference, Montreal, October 2-5, 1996
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         Association for Machine Translation in the Americas 

           AMTA-96 Conference, Montreal, October 2-5, 1996 

            Accelerating Machine Translation Development: 
               Research, Business, and Personal Use 

Following the very successful AMTA conference near Washington, DC in 
October 1994, the second conference of the Association for Machine 
Translation in the Americas will be held in Montreal, Canada, at the 
Radisson Hotel, on October 2-5, 1996.  

Once again there will be something for everyone!  Retaining the pattern 
established by its predecessor,  AMTA-96 will offer a blend of invited 
talks, panel discussions, research papers, system demonstrations and 
descriptions, tutorials, workshops, book exhibits, and social events.  
The three days of the conference will also facilitate gatherings of 
the Special Interest Groups on topics ranging from interlinguas and 
ontologies, lexicons, standards and data exchange, MT on PCs, and MT 

The overall intent of the conference is to bring together MT developers, 
researchers, and users, to share the latest information on MT and to 
forge partnerships for addressing the challenge of language barriers 
that impede communication on the Information Highway.  Participation 
by members of AMTA's sister organizations in Europe and Asia is 
strongly encouraged.  

Invited talks and panel discussions will highlight topical and contro-
versial questions, encouraging lively interactions, as they did at 
AMTA-94.  In the theory sessions, technical papers will address a 
wide range of topics, while in practical sessions, the problems of 
developing and bringing MT systems to market will be discussed, with 
online demonstrations.  In addition, booths can be rented to display 
systems and products.  

AMTA will also hold its General Members' Meeting during the conference.  


Authors/system developers are invited to submit two kinds of presentations: 

1. Theoretical papers: Unpublished papers are requested about original 
   work on all aspects of Machine Translation.  Papers should be in 
   English, not longer than 10 pages, with minimum character font size 
   of 11 pt.  

2. System descriptions with optional system demonstrations: Approx. 30 
   minutes will be allocated per system description/demo.  Submissions 
   should be in English, not longer than 4 pages.  If a system demon-
   stration is included, please provide the following information: 
   - hardware platform, 
   - operating system, 
   - name and contact information of system operations specialist.  

First page: Both types of submission should include an additional first 
page with the following information: 
- paper title, 
- author(s)' name(s), address(es), telephone and fax numbers, email 
- one-paragraph abstract, 
- for theoretical papers: subject area keyword(s) 
  for system descriptions/demos: the words "System description/demo".  

Submissions are due at either addresses below on April 15, 1996. 
Softcopy submissions (papers that do not print will be returned to the 
  email address: 
  subject line: AMTA-96 submission 
  paper encoding: 
    - ASCII plain text 
    - Microsoft Word (RTF format) 
    - PostScript 
Hardcopy submissions (please send four (4) copies): 
  AMTA-96: Eduard Hovy 
  USC Information Sciences Institute 
  4676 Admiralty Way 
  Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6695 

Organization and further details. 

Local arrangements chair: 
  Elliott Macklovitch, CITI, Montreal (email: 
Program chair: 
  Eduard Hovy, USC/ISI, Marina del Rey (email: 

Eduard Hovy
email:          USC Information Sciences Institute 
tel: 310-822-1511 ext 731    4676 Admiralty Way 
fax: 310-823-6714            Marina del Rey, CA 90292-6695 
project homepage: