Re: On the definition of "ontology" (Pat Hayes)
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Date: Wed, 4 Oct 1995 15:59:40 -0600
To: "Nicola Guarino" <>,
        "Paul van der Vet" <>,
        "Pat Hayes" <>
From: (Pat Hayes)
Subject: Re: On the definition of "ontology"
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At  5:10 PM 10/4/95 +0100, Nicola Guarino wrote:
>In order to stress this molteplicity of models, we may refine the definition
>as follow:
>"An ontology is a *partial* specification of the intended *possible* models
>of a logical language"

But then what else is that logical language itself?


PS You know that eerie feeling of 'deja-vu', where you seem to have been
somewhere before? :-)

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