continuation of ALL-ICEIMT list

Peter Bernus <>
Date: Thu, 28 Sep 1995 15:06:23 +1000
From: Peter Bernus <>
Message-id: <>
Subject: continuation of ALL-ICEIMT list
Precedence: bulk
Dear Colleagues,

For those who have been surprised about the suddent announcement
by Mike Strong about the closure of the ALL-ICEIMT list:  

I have volunteered to run the list and hope to announce 
the result soon.

Although Ted Goranson in one of the last mails that went through this
list suggested to melt it together with the metrics list I propose 
that the two lists remain separate, with cross posting as appropriate, 
to reduce noise on either side.

I have sent a special mail to Jim Nell and Kurt Kosanke
who are -- to the best of my knowledge -- are now working on
resurrecting the ICIEMT conference, also co-ordinating it
with the activities of the IFIP/IFAC Task Force on Enterprise
Integration Architectures and hopefully other Ei related
events.    This would be most appropriate in order not to 
further seggregate the still small list of professionals who 
work on enterprise integration.

best regards

Peter Bernus
vice-chair IFIP/IFAC Task Force
on Enterprise Integration Architectures

Dr. Peter Bernus, School of Computing and Information Technology,
Griffith University, Nathan (Brisbane) Queensland 4111 Australia,
phone: +61-7-3875 5039, fax: +61-7-3875 5051 email: